Workforce management tools

Now, more than ever, businesses need to be able to spin on a 5-cent piece.

Lockdowns, changing restrictions, new market opportunities, and rapid changes in service or product demand and staff levels occur on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis. This may be creating stress for your managers who need a rapid but simple solution for managing their workforce to avoid burnout, missed business opportunities and financial stress.

A mobile-friendly, cloud-based workforce management system integrated into an ERP is a valuable tool that can greatly enhance your businesses’ flexibility while reducing stress levels and improving morale. It puts the minds of your managers and team members at peace by making it easier to complete routine tasks and communicate between team members, wherever they are.

Fortunately, MYOB now offers an integrated workforce management functionality on the MYOB Advanced platform. The suite of workforce management tools including onboarding, rostering, time and attendance, and budget tracking are fully integrated so that all data flows seamlessly into MYOB Advanced People or MYOB PayGlobal.

The combination of mobile-friendly apps, cloud-based tools and integration with payroll reduces the strain on your businesses and team members in three important ways:

Workforce management tools empower team members to manage their working lives

Making it difficult to communicate with you about changing shifts, make a leave request, or clock in or out properly, is a quick way to disengage and frustrate your employees.  In times of change, your employees need access to information as soon as it becomes available, easy-to-use tools, and open communication channels with their line manager.

A workforce management app, like the one that accompanies MYOB’s new workforce management function, allows employees to check their rosters, request shift changes, apply for leave, update their details and check payslips on their smartphone, whenever they need to. This provides them with valuable reassurance about their working lives.

Furthermore, time-capture via personal devices or tablet clock-in/out kiosks with geotagging and photo capture mean both team members and managers can do away with paper timesheets which are notorious for inaccuracies and misinterpretations that lead to incorrect pay runs. Over or under-payments are the last thing any business or team members member needs to handle in times of stress.

Workforce management tools
Workforce management tools
Workforce management tools

Fig 1. The mobile app welcome screen for employees gives them access to all the tools they need 24/7.

Fig 2. The mobile app employee profile screen makes it easy for employees to keep their details up to date, check shifts and payroll information.

Fig 3. Digital timeclocks make it easy to clock in/out using a mobile device.

Workforce management tools give managers better visibility and control

Ask any manager: toggling between paper or spreadsheet-based rosters, timesheets, budgets and leave requests to make a few small changes is a nightmare. Making larger changes in a short timeframe against competing priorities is even worse. The stress comes down to not having visibility of their entire workforce – who they are, what their role is, their pay level, where/when they are rostered and if they are even available for a shift.

Providing managers with access to the following tools makes their work more efficient, allowing for changes to be made on the run without spending hours re-doing spreadsheets:

  • A dashboard that provides at-a-glance views of tasks for urgent attention like approving leave or timesheets, which team members are working, rostered versus actual hours, to bring priorities into immediate focus.
  • An intelligent rostering tool that automatically tells them if a team members member is available before they are added to a shift, and how any changes will impact their budget. The tool can then send updates via the mobile app to all team members, or just relevant team members for whom the change takes effect.
  • Business intelligence insights that help them make better decisions about staffing levels based on budget, sales, actual hours worked and workforce efficiency.

These tools reduce the confusion brought about by a lack of visibility and disparate systems and allow managers to make quicker, more meaningful decisions for the business and move onto other priorities.

Workforce management tools

Fig 4. Managers are greeted with a dashboard that shows them priority tasks and workforce statistics.

Workforce management tools

Fig 5. Managers can change single shifts and publish the roster without having to re-do entire spreadsheets.

Workforce management tools

Fig 6. The Business Intelligence module gives managers vital statistics
to help them make better decisions about staffing and budget.

Workforce management tools eliminate dreaded communication gaps

Nothing increases stress like not knowing what is happening, or waiting for a phone call, message or email to confirm if a shift is on or off. For team members who need to arrange childcare, this can be fraught with difficulties. For managers, being able to cover a shift, or cancel one entirely at a moment’s notice before a team member makes other arrangements can be a matter of financial urgency.

See and manage availability instantly

Workforce management systems can automatically update team members and managers about shift changes and availability via a mobile app. Managers can offer shifts to all team members, or just a select few, who can indicate if they can take the shift of not with the click of a button. At the same time, team members can manage their availability without worrying their manager won’t get their email or text.

These tools also keep information and communications all in the one place – no need to switch between emails, trawl through conversations on messaging apps or log into an internal system on a computer.

Communication is quick, clear and secure. And in times of change, very few things are more important than that.

Workforce management tools

Fig 7. The mobile app gives employees a list of notifications to keep them abreast of changes to their roster and shifts that are available to work.

Workforce management tools

Fig 8. Employees can view details about each shift that has been requested and decline or accept with one click.

MYOB & Exobiz can streamline your workforce management processes

Giving your team the right, easy-to-use tools, on a cloud-based platform is one of the most important ways to build business resilience and a happy team. Contact the team at Exobiz today to discuss how we can help you move to MYOB Advanced and make the most of the workforce management suite.

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