EBS Reports extends the reporting available for Sales, Stock and Accounts

Our addon EBS reports has been designed to extend the range of reports available in MYOB Exo, so that you have a wider range to choose from, which will assist you with preparing accurate Budget Forecasts, maintaining healthy inventory levels and monitoring the latest sales data.


  • Fully configurable to fit your specific reporting requirements.
  • Compatible with most industry demographics.
  • Accurately forecast budgets and sale targets using single reports.
  • Accurate forecast purchasing reduces the need to place Sales Order items on ‘back order’ and maintain a healthy relationship with customers.
  • Identifying dead or slow-moving stock items reduces inventory and frees up cash.


  • A one stop reporting package for full, accurate reporting of all facets of the business.
  • Compatible with MYOB EXO – No additional interfaces required.
  • Fully Windows compatible.
  • Compatible with MS Office versions through to O365 (in the cloud).
  • ‘Single click’ export of reports to alternative software packages.