A fully integrated end-to-end business management solution for growing businesses

MYOB Exo is the perfect foundation for businesses who have outgrown off-the-shelf accounting software and spreadsheets, and need an entire business management solution to support their growing business.

"Not only does MYOB Exo make it easy to capture data from every department, we can also customise it to integrate with your channel partner and supplier systems."

Connect your whole business

Gain better control and insights into every corner of your operation, so you can manage and build your business like never before.

  • Get instant snapshots: view revenue, costs and profitability in real time.
  • Make better decisions: become more agile with up to date info on inventory management, project costings, HR, payroll and more.
  • Have total visibility: manage business processes, data, staff, customers, suppliers and multiple entities in an efficient and organised manner.

Improve efficiencies

Based on a highly configurable modular design, we tailor MYOB Exo to suit your specific needs to ensure you achieve process improvement and operational efficiencies across all departments.

  • Reduce errors: the fully integrated system means data only needs to be entered once, limiting the scope for data variations.
  • Increase accountability: the customisable accounting process flows and corresponding checklists ensure important approvals and checks are implemented.
  • Improve productivity: we’ll work closely with you to design workflows that streamline processes and improve productivity across the entire organisation.

Increase your Opportunities

Looking to expand?  No problem.  Whether you want to sell into new channels, new regions or new sectors; MYOB Exo provides the foundation for growth.

  • Increase sales: reach new audiences by selling direct, through major retailers, through your own ecommerce platform or through an online aggregator.
  • Widen your horizons: expand into new regions, interstate or internationally.  We help with logistical management, and multi-currency transactions.

Consider new sectors:  When it’s time to diversify, we make it easy manage and report on multiple entities.

An even better outcome than what we had originally
hoped to achieve

“Despite initial resistance, staff are now comfortable with the change to Exo and appreciate the speed with which they can complete invoice runs, the variety and depth of reporting and the fact that Payroll processing is now a two-hour job, not a full day as it was in the old system. Learning the new software is still an ongoing process but the level of local assistance, troubleshooting and additional training provided by EXOBIZ means that ABD staff feel supported in their learning journey.”

ABD Poultry

Reports which took 15 hours to create each month
now take minutes

With the growth in the number of programs IUIH is delivering, it was taking two full days of data entry to produce our finance reports, which is not sustainable long term. We had specific outputs that we required from the new system and through discussion and training we were able to have the majority of our requirements (e.g. custom reports, branch budgets) in place for when we went live. Our downtime during the conversion process was minimal and we structured our go live with our consultants to minimise the amount of parallel data entry. Branch Reports developed using the Clarity Reporting function and are now generated directly out of MYOB Exo in minutes

Melanie, Finance Manager, Institute for Urban Indigenous Health

Powerful functionality, all in the one system


Enjoy powerful end-to-end financial visibility and control

  • Configure features: Some of the many features include the ability to configure the general ledger to suit your needs, automate your bank reconciliations and integrate your cash book
  • Manage stock: You’ll have real time visibility and management of every stock movement, including serial number and batch tracking, style / colour / size management and bill of materials.
  • Control reporting: Control when and how often data is updated, so you can run accurate reports anytime of the month and make informed business decisions whenever you need to.
  • Consolidate entities: consolidate and manage multiple company databases and convert foreign currency transactions for faster, easier financial reporting
  • Track fixed assets: purchase, group, locate, depreciate, maintain and sell fixed assets efficiently.

Project & Servicing

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MYOB Exo is used by these industries

  • Construction
  • Import/Export
  • Health
  • Not for Profit
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Services Providers
  • Wholesale

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