MYOB Advanced

Cloud based, flexible, end-to-end business management

MYOB Advanced transforms your business into one that is truly connected, with the ability to scale without limits

Stay mobile and connected

Your teams will love having the freedom to work securely online wherever and whenever they need to.  All they need is a device with an internet browser and they can access real time info and enter the data you need.

You decide the access levels everyone receives.  For example:

  • Sales teams can enter quotes, review orders and update sales reports.
  • Field service teams can update work orders, access technical data, and log timesheets.
  • Management can access reports and keep abreast of performance from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Rely on instant, integrated data

We can integrate MYOB Advanced with just about any other systems you use so that you have one source of data.

  • You’ll see a significant reduction in admin costs and substantial improvement in data integrity when double entry stops forever.
  • You’ll love having an instant snapshot of all key data, including performance against KPIs, instead of waiting till month end for spreadsheets to be collated.
  • Flexible reporting means you can view and analyse data in any way you prefer, and on any device.

Tailor to suit your exact needs

We know that no two businesses are identical.  Your staff will be more accepting and supportive of the changeover to a new system if it is configured to cater for your unique requirements and workflows. We can customise MYOB Advanced so it functions exactly as you need it to.

We’ll also share industry best practices with you so that your new workflows deliver better performance, and facilitate future growth and diversity.


Scale without limits

You’ll find that switching to a cloud-based solution means that scaling up or down to meet peaks and troughs, or to introduce new complexity, is easy to achieve.

MYOB Advanced is provided as SAAS – Software As A Service – platform, meaning you only pay for the user licenses you need at any time, and there’s no capital investment in equipment or infrastructure.

  • System updates are quick and seamless.
  • Integration with other software is not onerous or expensive
  • Managing multiple entities and currencies is a breeze

More donor trust and huge time savings

“The Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital Foundation (RBWHF) is the charity arm of Queensland’s largest hospital. “I love the fact that I can see that we received money from this person on this day and this is how it was spent. It’s been a huge time saver for us. The efficiencies created by the MYOB Advanced has allowed our staff to work on more meaningful projects.”

Kaelah Bosanquet, CFO, RBWH Hospital Foundation

MYOB Advanced delivers the right functionality, usability and cost-benefit ratio

DGR Global operates in the exploration phase of the mining lifecycle, turning mining opportunities into fully self-sufficient companies. With as many as 70 interlinked entities in multiple jurisdictions, DGR needed a solution that catered for multiple entities, provided a seamless purchasing process, provided instant reports and is scalable. “Since implementing MYOB Advanced, we have dramatically improved data visibility and reclaimed at least 240 workhours a month.

I’ve been singing the praises of the conversion we’ve gone through. It doesn’t feel like we’re just spending all our time in an admin nightmare. We can think outside the box and ask, ‘How could we do this better?’”

Priy Jayasuriya, CFO

All functions connected in the one system


Simplify and manage finances securely and efficiently, and monitor from any device

  • Manage your total business: flexible general ledgers allow you to organise account structures and reporting exactly how you wish to; and consolidate data from multiple entities, in multiple currencies.
  • Collect payments: automated processes for generating invoices, sending statements, collecting recurring revenue, verifying balances, and delivering customer reports.
  • Pay suppliers: manage vendor invoices, optimise available discounts and deliver vendor reports anywhere, anytime.
  • Reconcile accounts: manage transactions and reconcile straight from bank and credit card feeds.
  • Be tax compliant: configure, collect, manage and report your tax with flexible and centralised configuration.

Inventory and
Field Services

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MYOB Advanced Demo

MYOB Advanced is used by these industries

  • Agriculture
  • Food and Beverage
  • Importers
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Not for Profit
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Repair / Maintenance Providers
  • Technology
  • Wholesale Distribution

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