Whether you’re selling locally manufactured or imported goods, to stay competitive and profitable
you need efficient processes and instant access to reliable data

Today’s wholesale sector business challenges

  • Greater competition from international wholesalers and from manufacturers selling direct to end users.
  • Increased environmental, social and logistical issues affecting supply.
  • Changing customer requirements put stress on existing order processes, market forecasting and business development.
  • Confusion over speed and proliferation of technology changes.
  • Pressure to integrate and comply with retailers’ EDI system.
  • Growing customer requirements to offer a secure, efficient digital ordering and tracking system.
  • Dealing with the complexities of multiple currencies, languages and regulatory requirements.

How we help wholesalers overcome these challenges

MYOB’s ERP solutions are comprehensive, flexible and customisable.

We’ve helped many wholesalers improve their financial and operational management.  Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Pricing flexibility to cater for any number and types of pricing models and/or to reflect changes in supplier costs, foreign exchange or special discounts
  • Real-time access to inventory stock levels, orders, deliveries and costs, along with automated stock forecasting and replenishment.
  • Comprehensive integration with third party apps and EDI systems to remove all need for duplicate data entry and associated errors.
  • Tracking seasonal trends to assist with forecasting staffing, production and ordering variances.

Reports assist us to make prudent business decisions

A classic example of a business which had outgrown its small business accounting package, Brisbane based wholesaler Newline Pool Products needed a new system that could cope with 5000+ products and ongoing growth. They needed flexible pricing and discount matrices, multi user access without system crashes, unlimited historical reporting and an efficient way to generate debtor statements.

Our business is running more smoothly and efficiently across all divisions since we changed to MYOB Exo. Customer invoicing can now be completed in less time and more accurately than before, we can add unlimited products to the database, and the management reports assist us to make prudent business decisions.”

Nathan De Candia, Managing Director, Newline Pool Products

What You Can Expect

Automated data collection

Data collection automated to save time and eliminate errors. You can assign serial or batch numbers upon receiving, issuing, or assembling items, and track inventory by serial or batch number.

Improved profitability

The right system can improve your profitability in many ways.  Here’s just two examples: process higher volumes without increasing staff numbers, and change pricing to reflect movements in supplier costs or foreign exchange.

Better staff engagement

Freeing up your staff from repetitive mundane work to focus on work that adds value makes their jobs more interesting. Sharing real time KPI reports is empowering, motivational and makes them feel included.

. . . and that's just the beginning!

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