The advance of technology has opened up local markets to interstate and global competitors in most services sectors.  Local services providers must consistently deliver extraordinary service, in an efficient manner, to survive and grow.

Today’s service business challenges

  • SMEs are facing increasing competition from global and large services providers who are diversifying into new fields
  • To remain competitive, service providers must deliver services efficiently, without diminishing quality
  • The quality of customer service has become a prime differentiator
  • Technology and processes need to scale efficiently and agilely with diversification into new service offerings and market sectors
  • Environmental challenges are increasingly affecting field operations
  • Increased security requirements involve more complex compliance
  • There’s increasing pressure to reduce costs and increase shareholder returns
  • Increasing requirements to comply with trade, industry and government regulations

How we help service business overcome these challenges

We have helped many services providers overcome today’s challenges.  Having a flexible and scalable ERP solution for data collection and interchange, data management and reporting, is critical.

We remove dependence on disparate systems and multiple spreadsheets and tailor the most appropriate MYOB ERP solution to cater for your current and future needs.

We can help with the management of projects, provide remote access to support scheduling and data collection for field staff, and make it easy to manage complex advanced billing scenarios.

Instant snapshots and flexible reporting mean your teams have access to critical information, on any device, wherever they may be.

No matter what kind of services you deliver, if your current systems can’t cope with your operations efficiently, let alone your future growth plans, it’s time we had a chat.

  • Consultants
  • Domestic Services
  • IT Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Scientific Services
  • Construction Sector
  • Financial Providers
  • Legal Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Veterinary Services

Flexible pricing, sharing of data and real time reporting clinched it

Specialist printers for the construction industry, Don Kibble looked at many Windows based systems to upgrade from their old DOS system, before settling on MYOB Exo.

"Many of the more expensive systems out there need a lot of customisation before they really start yielding benefits. There’s opportunity to do that with EXO if you need to, but the most impressive thing about the system is that even in its basic configuration, it covers pretty much everything we require – without breaking the bank.

Most off-the-shelf accounting systems tend to be fairly restrictive when it comes to pricing, forcing you to adopt the same five or six pricing levels for all your customers. EXO, however, is much more flexible.

Mike and the team at ExoBiz Services are really helpful. They seem to have experts in lots of different fields (like payroll or data set-up) too, which means they’re always ready for the questions we throw at them – however obscure they might be.”

Danny Kibble, Financial Controller, Don Kibble Drawing Office Supplies

What You Can Expect


Manage complex advanced billing scenarios and multiple variables at once -including fixed price, cost plus, milestone billing, contract specific pricing, and time & materials.

Efficient management of
field operations

Provide field staff with access to the info they need about customers, equipment and schedules, to optimise efficiency and improve customer service.

Accurate project

Monitor projects in real-time to track expenditures, employee time, sub-contractors, materials and inventory.  The mobile app facilitates contract updates, time tracking and expense claim processing and more.

. . . and that's just the beginning!

Contact us to request a free assessment of your current systems and advice on what may need to change to facilitate your growth