Global and online competition is the biggest challenge facing retailers today. Providing memorable customer service, managing stock efficiently and real-time reporting of KPIs are essential for retail survival.

Today’s retail challenges

  • Digital channels used extensively for shopping and interaction
  • Globalisation of the world economy has increased competition
  • Rapid technological innovation
  • Increased customer experience focus
  • Compliance with complex retail staff awards
  • Increased security issues affecting staff, stock and premises
  • Pressure to reduce costs and increase shareholder returns
  • Increasing requirements to comply with trade, industry and government regulations

How we help retailers overcome these challenges

We have helped many retailers meet today’s challenges head on by implementing ERP solutions which substantially improve data collection and interchange, data management and reporting.

We take the comprehensive MYOB ERP solutions and tailor and extend them to cater for any type of retail management requirements you may have.

We can help you manage stock control efficiently, grow revenue from new channels by integrating with any ecommerce platform or EDI system, and take away the complexity of HR management with our easy-to-use payroll system. And that’s just the beginning.

Reducing costs and significantly increasing efficiency frees up time for your staff to concentrate on delivering great customer experiences and increasing sales.

“All the Consultants we dealt with provided extensive training, were very patient and helped guide all our staff, some of whom had no previous computer experience. This implementation has basically changed our lives with the efficiency we have been able to achieve through EBS POS and the integration of our stock management. Having custom reports created has been cost-effective and has given us a more than significant return on our investment.”

Chrissy Tansey, BBK

What You Can Expect

Achievement of
growth objectives

Your teams will be able to efficiently manage stock ordering, storage, distribution, pricing and sales - for unlimited product lines through unlimited distribution channels.  In some situations we’ve seen good revenue growth achieved, without any growth in staff numbers.

cost savings

No more “siloed” data sitting in apps that don’t speak to each other.  We can integrate your MYOB ERP solution with other applications that you use, to eliminate the costs and errors that inevitably occur with duplicate record keeping.

Improved productivity
and reporting

No longer will you be hampered by processes that have been moulded to cater for system limitations.  Your new operational flows and systems will cater for your requirements now, and in the future.  Your new reports can be accessed by pushing a button and structured to appear in the formats you prefer, whenever you want them.

. . . and that's just the beginning!

Contact us to request a free assessment of your current systems and advice on what may need to change to facilitate your growth