Every not-for-profit organisation needs to operate at maximum efficiency to remain viable, effective, compliant and trusted.

Today’s not-for-profit challenges

  • Funding impacted by changes in government policy and national and international disasters
  • Maintaining a stable income and accurate budgeting
  • Greater scrutiny of operational, administrative and budget activities and efficiencies
  • Detailed and complex reporting to meet compliance requirements
  • Growth in not-for-profit industry resulting in increasingly competitive marketplace
  • Public mistrust of not-for-profit sector due to increasing level of scam operators
  • Growing need for services provided by not-for-profits
  • Limited budgets and high expectations

How we help not-for-profits overcome these challenges

Customising MYOB ERP solutions to cater for the specific needs of a Not for Profit organisation is critical, because even though they have many core elements in common like donations, grants and projects; each one has quite different operational and reporting requirements.

Some of the many ways we’ve helped NFPs include:

  • creating workflows that substantially improve efficiencies and reduce administrative costs, to free up staff and funds for work on more important projects
  • making it faster and easier to provide total transparency on how donations are being used –even if the recipient activities happen years later.
  • providing the ability to complete on-the-spot transactions at fundraising events, and to offer digital donation facilities.
  • custom reporting to compliment standard reports

“Managing more than 400 sub-accounts on spreadsheets and building the management reporting by hand needed two weeks’ full time work every month. Now with MYOB Advanced the data is updated live, and reports are generated at the click of a button, that two weeks can be reallocated to other, more important tasks. It’s been a huge time saver for us. And I love the fact that I can see that we received money from this person on this day and this is how it was spent.”

Kaelah Bosanquet, CFO, RBWH Hospital Foundation

What You Can Expect


Our experienced consultants will work on your workflows and processes with your key stakeholders so that you see an improvement in productivity.

Improved project

You’ll love how easy it is to deliver a transparent audit trail which provides accounts with detailed costings and   multiple revenue streams, for an unlimited number of projects.


Your new reports can be accessed at the push of a button, in any format, whenever you want them.  Spending hours creating complicated spreadsheets will be a distant memory.

. . . and that's just the beginning!

Contact us to request a free assessment of your current systems and advice on what may need to change to facilitate your growth