To remain viable, and comply with national and international regulations,
mining companies need to be able to administer and manage operations very efficiently

Today’s mining sector challenges

  • Rising energy costs
  • Greater social and environmental compliance
  • Rising pressure to control costs, heighten efficiency and improve safety performance
  • Difficulty in consistently predicting commodity demand or price movement and manage production accordingly
  • Technology advancements
  • Managing massive amounts of siloed data produced across the value chain
  • Financial reporting for multiple entities and currencies
  • Stringent audit trail requirements for listed companies

How we help mining companies overcome these challenges

The MYOB ERP solutions are flexible and customisable, which means they can be setup to cater for the specific needs of a mining company.

Here’s just a few of the many ways we’ve helped mining companies to improve financial and operational management:

  • Simplification of central purchasing and invoicing and/or cost allocation across multiple entities.
  • Efficient management of differing currencies, currency conversions, financial calendars, and tax jurisdictions.
  • Comprehensive integration with third party apps to remove the need for duplicate entry.
  • Instant availability of complex reports and dashboards in a variety of formats to satisfy diverse regulatory requirements

360 hours of work each month now done in 80 hours!

"MYOB Advanced was the perfect fit for DGR Global’s large number of companies with differing currencies, financial calendars, and tax jurisdictions. Ultimately MYOB Advanced has given the DGR Global finance team time. What used to take a team of four 320 hours is now completed in just 80. It’s a press of the button, when before it was wade through layers of Excel. It also better implements the controls that were there but were getting missed.”

Priy Jayasuriya, CFO, DGR Global

What You Can Expect


Our experienced consultants will work on your workflows and processes with your key stakeholders.  Our goal is to build in checks and balances to minimise errors, and ensure you achieve improvements in productivity.

Cost efficient accounting
and audit compliance

You’ll love how easy it is to deliver reports and a transparent audit trail for accounts in multiple entities, in any currency, in any jurisdiction.

Instantly available
quality data

We’ll integrate your new ERP system with your key third party apps and supplier EDI systems so that critical data is collected once, and instantly available for analysis and reporting.

. . . and that's just the beginning!

Contact us to request a free assessment of your current systems and advice on what may need to change to facilitate your growth