Although innovative technology and logistics have opened up Australian markets to global competitors, it has also created significant interstate and overseas opportunities for local manufacturers.

Today’s manufacturing challenges

  • Reduced barriers of entry have paved the way for global competitors to enter local markets
  • Rising commodity prices have impacting supply and pricing
  • More complex trade and market conditions to overcome
  • The rapid rate of technological innovation
  • The increased use of agile product development practices to reduce time to market
  • The need to supply product into multiple channels
  • Pressure to reduce costs and increase shareholder returns
  • Ever increasing security and environmental issues
  • Changing trade, industry and government regulations

How we help manufacturers overcome these challenges

We have helped a wide variety of manufacturers overcome today’s challenges.  Having one flexible and scalable solution to manage all functions and operations efficiently, is critical.

We bring together all of the disparate information from across the business, and manage it all through one central ERP system.  As well as streamlining all your monitoring and management processes, you will save a significant amount of time and costs traditionally associated with using manual comparisons and reports.

You can process orders, create bills of materials, manage your manufacturing process, assign stock codes, forecast purchasing and inventory, bill your customers, produce financial reports and pay your staff, all in the one system. And that’s just the beginning.

We ensure that your Enterprise Resource Planning solution helps you become a more efficient and more competitive enterprise.  One that’s prepared and ready to scale up for growth.

No matter what kind of products you manufacture, if your current business software is inflexible, disparate, unreliable or limiting your growth opportunities, it’s time to talk.

Saved From Disaster

When Sunshine Coast based liquid fertiliser manufacturers Nutri-Tech Solutions experienced data corruption and other system anomalies with their new accounting system, they decided to be more critical in their search for a replacement that met their criteria and budget. MYOB EXO Business meets Nutri-Tech’s requirements for foreign currency, intercompany databases, bills of material, reporting capabilities, reliable data export and maintaining valid historical data. The staff at Nutri-Tech, despite the pressure of adapting to a new system at short notice, found EXO Business easy to use with minimal training. 

When the implementation was finalised, Nutri-Tech commented that the system was “much faster, flexible and more reliable than the previous.

Nutri-Tech Solutions

Even Better Outcome Than We Hoped For

Family business ABD Poultry in Brisbane has supplied quality fresh and frozen poultry products throughout Queensland for more than 25 years.  The team was comfortable with their 10-year-old solution True ERP, however ongoing issues with speed, lack of support, system glitches and functionality of the Payroll and Accounting modules led to the hunt for an alternative.  Despite initial resistance to change and learn a new system, the staff are now comfortable with the change to Exo.  They particularly appreciate the speed with which they can complete invoice runs, the variety and depth of reporting, and the fact that Payroll processing is now a two-hour job - not a full day as it was with the old system.

"The change MYOB Exo Business has delivered by the EXOBIZ team provided an even better outcome than what we had originally hoped to achieve.

ABD Poultry

What You Can Expect

Improved workflows,
processes and reporting

Our highly experienced consultants will help with configuring workflows, interfaces and reports to create an individual flexible system that fits your business processes like a glove. You'll wonder how you ever managed before.


When everyone in sales, the factory, and the field can access data in real-time, it creates complete visibility and control across your supply chain. You can accurately forecast demand and make better purchasing decisions across your entire operations.

Tighter inventory and
cost control

The inventory management modules allow you to plan for the arrival of new supply before it is needed, or just before the supply runs out to prevent shortages. It’s a cost-effective way to meet customer demand, control stock levels and manage costs.

. . . and that's just the beginning!

Contact us to request a free assessment of your current systems and advice on what may need to change to facilitate your growth