Outstanding customer service, accurate data and regulatory compliance are crucial when it comes to running a profitable restaurant, catering or accommodation business. Our solutions help you achieve that.

Today’s hospitality sector business challenges

  • Increased scrutiny of compliance with HR, payroll and taxation regulations
  • Heightened customer expectations and reputation impact of customer reviews
  • Changing environmental and logistical issues affecting supply
  • Keeping up with technology disruption and adoption
  • Pressure to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner
  • Increased competition from direct and indirect sources
  • Pressure to keep reduce costs without compromising quality and service
  • Accurate and timely reporting

How we help the hospitality sector overcome these challenges

Whether you’re a restauranteur, caterer or accommodation provider, you need to instant access to reliable data to assist with every decision you make.

MYOB’s ERP solutions have helped the hospitality sector improve financial and operational management in many ways, including:

  • Making it fast and easy to process payroll, whilst ensuring staff are paid under the right award with the appropriate penalties
  • Providing real-time access to inventory stock levels, orders, deliveries and costs, along with automated stock forecasting
  • Comprehensive integration with third party apps to remove all need for duplicate data entry and associated errors.
  • Provision of up to date analytics and reports to facilitate forecasting, strategy planning and decision making.
  • Range of reports and dashboards including cost centre revenue, margin in daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal options.

This has been a big game changer

Hentley Farm grows and picks their own premium grapes, manages a bottling line and distribution warehouse, and a restaurant and cellar door. With the increasing complexity of the business came increasing errors and very time-consuming report preparation.

We were relying too heavily on spreadsheets to read raw data and weren’t getting information out quickly enough. It was a nightmare. Even just putting together the management report for the board could be a 5-day process when you consider everyone’s time. Now that would be less than half. You could knock it out in a day if you had to.

The improved efficiency is due to the system pulling live data from different parts of the business. “It happens automatically – there’s no manipulation of data required. Improvements in the warehousing and inventory have seen the team ‘happy and doing well’ with marked increases in efficiency and customer service.”

Tim Pengilly, CFO

What You Can Expect

Elimination of data errors

Automation of data collection saves considerable time and eliminate errors, giving your staff and stakeholders confidence in the numbers.

Better decision making

When you have instant access to reliable data, you can operate in a more agile way and make more informed short-term decisions and develop better long-term plans.

Better compliance

Your HR activities will be streamlined with easy capture of attendance and calculation of pays, self-service management of employee information and access to the latest tax obligations and changes.

. . . and that's just the beginning!

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