Managing patient data efficiently, and providing complex and transparent reporting quickly, are just two of the many challenges faced by providers in an increasingly competitive healthcare environment.

Today’s healthcare challenges

  • Maintaining patient and administrative records efficiently
  • Managing patient appointments and notifications effectively
  • Using multiple, often siloed data sources
  • Coping with rapid changes in technology
  • Meeting customer expectations for quality service
  • Adhering to regulatory and legal requirements
  • Providing accurate, transparent reports in a variety of formats to stakeholders, within stipulated timeframes
  • Working within budget and staffing constraints

How we help healthcare providers to meet these challenges

We have helped healthcare providers substantially improve business processes and meet compliance requirements with MYOB ERP solutions.

Exobiz and the MYOB solutions meet the government approval requirements that government and statutory healthcare services must abide by.

Where necessary we customise the solutions to ensure that they meet the stringent regulatory reporting requirements.  The requirements differ depending on the type of service, funding sources and organisational legal status.

The switch to one data system reduces costs and enables providers to meet budget and staffing constraints.

“Managing more than 400 sub-accounts on spreadsheets and building the management reporting by hand needed two weeks’ full time work every month. Now with MYOB Advanced the data is updated live, and reports are generated at the click of a button, that two weeks can be reallocated to other, more important tasks. It’s been a huge time saver for us. And I love the fact that I can see that we received money from this person on this day and this is how it was spent.”

Kaelah Bosanquet, CFO, RBWH Hospital Foundation

“Branch Reports developed using the Clarity Reporting function are generated directly out of MYOB Exo in minutes instead of hours.

Our EXOBIZ Implementation team were great to work with. We had specific outputs that we required from the new system and through discussion and training we were able to have most of our requirements (e.g. custom reports, branch budgets) in place for when we went live. Following our go live, there were a few refinements that we needed to make so that our reporting could be as automated as possible and the Implementation team were quick to respond and provide guidance."

Melanie - IUIH Finance Manager

What You Can Expect

Reduced errors and
administrative costs

No more “siloed” data sitting in apps that don’t speak to each other.  We can integrate a MYOB ERP solution with just about any other applications to minimise duplicate records and deliver information efficiently.

Simplification of
complex structures

No matter how many separate units you need to track, or diverse reporting requirements you have; we’ll ensure that preparing complicated spreadsheets are a chore of the past, and replaced with reports delivered quickly and in exactly the formats you require.

Achievement of
growth objectives

Numerous (traditionally time consuming) tasks are replaced with automations and efficient business process flows that scale easily to meet rapid growth in transactions, without the need for corresponding growth in team members.

. . . and that's just the beginning!

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