In our article “A silver lining amid the COVID-19 crisis: Business Transformation”, we spoke about opportunities your business may be able to take advantage of during the COVID-19 “quiet time”. In particular, we focused on using the time to implement some business transformation goals that would put you on the front foot when the recovery comes. But what if you’ve been caught by the switch to “WFH” mode, and you’re trying to keep your team, and your business, on the go?

An ERP rapid deployment could be an ideal solution for you if you’re running AccountRight or other accounting system, and you don’t yet have a true, fully cloud-based solution. The Exobiz team is in an excellent position to help you transition to a 100% cloud-based system with MYOB Advanced, and in a matter of just four to six weeks.

It’s important to understand that a to achieve a rapid deployment, we need to focus on the fundamentals: What do you need to do right now to get your business 100% in the cloud, and free of office-bound hard drives and servers?

Case Study: From on-site to on the move

One of our current clients, a health and fitness products business, has been happily working with MYOB Exo, our part-cloud/part-location-based solution. Their business had been growing – a strong testament to their hard work and commitment – and they knew that transitioning to MYOB Advanced made a lot of sense. MYOB Advanced would help meet the changing demands of their fast-growing business, but in a twist of irony, the non-stop nature of those same demands left them without the time or capacity to move ahead.

Then came the lockdowns and work-from-home policies mandated in response to COVID-19, and they found themselves backed into a tight corner. While the initial shock saw them send staff home with only limited access to remote working arrangements, they’ve quickly rallied to shift their systems completely online.

This change in circumstances has given them the one commodity they couldn’t buy: Time. And they’re not wasting a minute. They’re taking advantage of their additional capacity, and our ERP Rapid Deployment solution, to transition the business systems to 100% online.

Once they have MYOB Advanced fully deployed, their staff will be able to work from home and care for their customers just as they always have. Added to which will be the business’s increased capability to better handle growth once things start to recover.

Get help now with ERP Rapid Deployment

If you don’t have a fully cloud-based solution for your business and you’re struggling to adapt to the high-speed changes the current crisis is throwing at you, Exobiz is here to help. Our ERP Rapid Deployment service means we can transition your business from a premises-based system to the fully cloud-based MYOB Advanced – and in a much shorter time than usual.

While the news changes every day, we’re still no wiser as to when (or if) business will return to what it once was, or if we’ll be confronted with a totally new landscape. The key to succeeding will be in preparing ourselves – as well as we can – for any eventuality, including giving our businesses the power and flexibility to operate independent of location.

If you need expert help getting your business ready for an unknown future, you need to talk to us – today.

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