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Construction businesses are up against a sea of interdependencies, and keeping track of the what, who, and where of simultaneous projects at different phases is no easy feat. Cloud-based ERP for construction enables company owners and staff to access business-critical information in real-time at home, in the office, or on-site.

By connecting people and projects, creating a single source of truth, and streamlining daily operations, ERP for construction gives general contractors, home builders, land developers, and subcontractors the support they need to succeed.

This article examines the benefits of enterprise resource planning software for those working within the construction industry. What can it help you achieve? What are the benefits? And how do you get started?

Capabilities of ERP for construction industry professionals

The construction industry is broad and multi-faceted. Whether you are a one-man-band subcontractor or large-scale homebuilder powerhouse, leading ERP software excels in delivering core capabilities, including:

  • Financial management: ERP enables financials that are intuitive enough for smaller contractors yet can be scaled for larger or more complex organisations. MYOB Advanced, the industry’s top cloud-based ERP for construction industry businesses, includes all the basic financial processes you rely on, as well as reporting, multi-company and multi-currency accounting, recurring and deferred revenue, fixed asset, and cash management.
  • Project management: Project visibility is essential to achieving desired outcomes on time and on budget. ERP software can give you real-time field updates, facilitate instant information flow, and track all activities, changes, project documents, and more.
  • Job cost accounting: Manage AP workflows from start to finish and benefit from fuss-free customer billing that leverages real-time costing for reliable accuracy. Generate reports that empower you to proactively identify and improve issues in current jobs to better future projects.
  • Compliance: The Australian Building Codes Board imparts rules and regulations that govern construction operations. ERP software helps you manage lien waivers, insurance certificates, and more.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): Customer experience is a crucial differentiator. Capture and access customer data in real-time, including quotes, orders, payments, and service calls.
  • Mobile app: Anywhere, anytime access is essential for construction industry professionals.

Benefits of ERP for construction industry businesses

erp for builders

Why invest in cloud ERP software? Reap the following benefits:

Gain control to maximise profitability

The precise forecasting and management of jobs and associated activities – payroll, cash, overhead, and so on – enables you to run more profitable projects.

More time to serve your customers and grow your business

Forget the paperwork. An ERP gives you and your team real-time access to the vital information you need from any internet-connected device – including your smartphone. Spend less time on admin and more time doing what you do best.

Integrate the software you know and love

Connect ProEst, Microsoft Office, DocuSign, Procore, and other best-in-class applications that your team is already familiar with.

MYOB Advanced: A bespoke ERP solution for the construction industry

No two businesses are alike. Whether you’re a seasoned land developer or niche subcontractor, MYOB Advanced is the ERP solution you’ve been looking for.

ERP for general contractors

General contractors are balancing an extensive network of co-dependent parts.

Completing projects on time, on budget, and to your clients’ expectations demands fuss-free collaboration between your office and field staff, whether you self-perform or manage subcontractors. Disconnected teams result in delayed updates, duplicate data, more errors, and unnecessary expenses.

With MYOB Advanced Construction Edition, you can manage customers, field teams, finances, office staff, and more from one, easy-to-use platform.

ERP for home builders

Private sector home approvals in Australia are up 6.1 per cent year-on-year – home builders are tasked with the mammoth challenge of keeping up with demand. Without the proper support software in place, you risk missing deadlines and leaving your clients disgruntled and disappointed.

Building a home is an emotional process for landowners. If you are to compete in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s essential you prioritise customer experience. Eliminate errors, streamline collaboration, and keep your on-edge customers in-the-know with MYOB Advanced.

ERP for land developers

Land development is a high-stakes field, and it’s essential that you accurately and consistently track your specifications, schedules, activities, engineering reports, and subcontractors. Otherwise, you might waste precious development funds on needless road, wastewater, electrical, gas, and other infrastructure costs.

MYOB Advanced Construction Edition gives you full control over every facet of your project. Critically, you can manage both planned and actual budgets with in-built support for sub-jobs and industry-specific coding.

ERP for subcontractors

Precise, timely data is vital to accurately tracking materials between jobs and managing your time. Whether you’re installing plumbing, HVAC, electrical, mechanical, or another project, real-time data can empower you to make strategic – and lucrative – decisions that propel your business forward.

An ERP solution takes the guesswork out of handling customers and finances so that you can boost the profitability of every project.

Get started with ERP for construction

Level up your construction business with a leading-edge ERP solution that streamlines your processes, increases visibility, facilitates cross-functional collaboration, and ultimately improves your bottom line. Contact our ERP specialists today for personalised advice.

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