Business transformationAs we slowly start to adjust to the realities of the change whiplash we’ve all been hit with in the past few week, some silver linings have started to emerge.

As a company that specialises in providing cloud-based businesssolutions, transitioning our staff to working from home has been a relatively simple switch. Even our phone systems, which are IP/VoIP based, have barely batted an eyelid.

So whatever change you may be managing in your business, our first message to you is that our team is completely available offering the same level of service and support as usual.

Opportunity calling?

One thing we have noticed in our own business, and with those of our clients, is an increase in capacity. Like many other businesses, we’ve had some projects go on indefinite hold while we wait out the current crisis. And fair enough. We’re in the middle of a massive change in market environments, and we are yet to fully comprehend the immediate and long-term effects this may have.

But from this confusion, have come the visionaries: business leaders who recognise that this extra capacity has presented them with a golden  opportunity; one they can take advantage of now so their business is even stronger when this crisis is over.

Just in the last couple of weeks we have commenced projects with clients who were previously struggling to find the right time to upgrade their business systems. Clients who have been  keeping the business running with labour-intensive processes – like using courier services to deliver paper purchase orders to suppliers for signature, and mailing quarterly reports to regionally based accountants..  One of the most common issues we’ve seen in many businesses is the use of  spreadsheets to manage inventory and databases, as well as for financial reporting.  This of course is not only extremely time consuming, but presents issues when multiple copies of spreadsheets are inadvertently created in different functional areas. These are businesses who have well and truly outgrown their old systems, but on any given cycle, just don’t have the capacity to dedicate staff to a transformation project.  But now they do.

We are fortunate that we currently have capacity to help these businesses make game changing transformations to their business systems in the next few months.

Make no mistake, if you can ready your business for not only surviving this crisis but improving it, you’ll play a leading role in the world that is to come.  You’ll have experienced first hand what it takes to survive any setback, learned some priceless lessons along the way, and could well be in a better position than your competitors to cope and scale as business levels change.

Case Study: The writing on the wall

One Exobiz client, a food wholesaler based on Australia’s easte coast ,is taking advantage of the slowdown to tackle their inventory management and warehousing challenges so they’re ready to hit the ground running when restaurants reopen. The nature of their business means that when things get back to normal, they’re going to be facing greater demands than ever before. If they don’t act now, they fear they may not cope with the looming upsurge.

Until now, the business has been running from AccountRight, and supplementing their additional needs with Excel spreadsheets. It’s meant they’ve had to rely on manual signing processes, using printouts, and performing on-the-ground manual checks of stock levels at their warehouses. They’ve also had difficulty tracking stock delivered through drop-shipping.

Until now, their fast-paced business meant they simply didn’t have the capacity to manage normal operations and transition their business across to a single cloud based solution which would cater for all their accounting and inventory tracking needs.

But the current crisis has presented them with a silver lining. Their team now has the capacity to devote the time and focus needed to upgrade their business flows and systems.  Our team is working with our clients’ project team and we are excited that the increased capacity on both sides means we should be able to cut the delivery time in half.

We’re helping our client address their most significant challenges with the following solutions.

Current challenge Solution Benefit
Supplier purchase orders are based on inventory levels recorded on different Excel spreadsheets, requiring manual monitoring and updating. Automate inventory control with warehouse tracking and access to up-to-the-minute stock levels. ·       More accurate inventory control, with built-in business rules to raise orders when stocks reach a set level.

·       Accurately track orders shipped direct to customer from supplier.

·       Monitor stock levels in individual warehouses and automate local supply rather than interstate supply, where possible

Generating reports from multiple systems and spreadsheets can take up to three days. Integrated cloud-based data solution with reports that can be generated automatically or at the push of a button by any authorised user. ·       Management team and accountants have immediate access to accurate, up-to-date reports from anywhere using their desktop or mobile device.
Supplier purchase orders made in multiple currencies, requiring manual checks and conversions. Automate supplier purchase ordering to reflect correct currencies and conversion rates. Improved accounting accuracy and audit flows.

ExoBiz has your back

We urge everyone to take extraordinary care of themselves, their staff and their business  during these curious times

Get in touch with us today to explore the ways we can help you turn the tide in your favour, and be on the front foot when we come out the other side.

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