Before you engage anyone to help you with your business systems and growth, it’s important to know what kind of people they are

You want to ensure that your values align, that they have the right skills and experience, and a solid track record. After all, if you’re going to share inside information about your company, you need reassurance that the people behind the business will be partners you can trust and rely on for the long haul.


  • Since 2005 the Exobiz team has been providing Australian businesses with innovative, tailored ERP Solutions.
  • We are one of MYOB’s largest business partners and have earned the prestigious Platinum Partner status, along with winning numerous awards for excellence.
  • Our team of 40+ is comprised of expert developers and consultants with extensive experience in specific industries.


  • From the outset our core vision was to contribute to the economic growth and innovative capacity of Australian SMEs by providing outstanding business management software.
  • Our key point of difference is that we have built an in-house development team who create individual, value laden solutions to ensure every client has exactly what they need to be competitive and efficient.


  • Our Exobiz team members will be engaged and do their best work if they are happy in their work environment. Our culture is positive and supportive, and we reward initiative and customer service excellence.
  • Our clients will be more efficient and successful if we are as deeply committed as they are.  We work hard to build a proactive and supportive partnership to ensure this happens.


Employees paid via MYOB ERP Payroll – installed by Exobiz

No. of people using MYOB ERP solutions installed by Exobiz

No. of MYOB ERP solutions installed by Exobiz

Years of combined MYOB ERP consulting and development experience

No. of Exobiz consulting, admin and development team members

No. of MYOB Business Partners using Exobiz apps

No. of apps developed by Exobiz to extend MYOB ERP core functionality

No. of MYOB awards won by the Exobiz team

MYOB – 2019 Excellence in Business Development Advanced, Australia

MYOB – 2016 Excellence in Marketing, Australia

MYOB – 2013 Excellence in Business Growth, Australia

MYOB – 2009 Innovation Partner, Australia

MYOB – 2009 ANZ Partner of the Year, Excellence in Sales

MYOB – 2009 Northern Region Sales Partner, Australia

MYOB – 2008 Partner of the Year, Queensland

MYOB – 2006 Partner of the Year, Queensland

MYOB – 2006 Australian Partner of the Year

Meet the Team

Michael Duncan
Michael Duncan

Mike Duncan


I’m highly motivated by success, and really enjoy working closely with other businesses to show them how the right technology can transform productivity and decision making, and is essential for achieving growth and success.

Steve Aish
Steve Aish

Steve Aish

Director and Technical Lead

I love being part of change and seeing that the work we do helping our clients to improve workflows and achieve growth. I also love the ever-evolving tech industry and being part of developing tech that continuously improves.

Adam Newell
Adam Newell

Adam Newell

ERP Sales Consultant

I really enjoy seeing the light bulb go on when I show a business owner how our comprehensive ERP systems improve efficiency to the point where they can achieve expansion without necessarily increasing their head count.

Mark Rutter
Mark Rutter

Mark Rutter

Product Development Manager

I’m excited that many of the solutions we’ve developed are now available as addons for any MYOB ERP solution users to purchase. Our customising service and addon product suite make Exobiz unique in the ERP implementation field.

This is just a sample of the wonderful bunch of talented people working relentlessly with our customers, ensuring that their ERP solutions do exactly what they want them to do.